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This website allows you to book appointments for HIV services with a private doctor in Kingston, Jamaica so you can live a healthy life! Unsure what services are right for you? Start by taking the simple 10-question risk assessmentment which will recommend services fit to your needs. After booking, save your appointment information and attend your appointment to receive services and follow-up from a doctor. When submitting a request for treatment services, we will contact you by phone to connect you with an available doctor and confirm your appointment date and time.


Health Connect Jamaica (HCJ) is a local non-governmental organization seeking to increase access to high-quality primary healthcare services in Jamaica’s private health sector. HCJ bridges the gaps in provision of healthcare services in Jamaica, by:

  • Increasing capacity for treatment and support services such as laboratory testing
  • Decreasing the length of time required for clinic visits
  • Ensuring stigma free spaces and ensuring services that are non-discriminatory
  • Removing prohibitive costs associated with private sector healthcare

The HCJ headquarters is located in Kingston, Jamaica but HCJ has providers offering services throughout all 14 parishes in Jamaica. HCJ facilitates linkage to private clinicians, laboratories, pharmacies, and psychotherapy services at convenient locations throughout the island.

Currently, HCJ facilitates the provision of COVID-19 vaccination services, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Mpox Risk Assessment, HIV Risk Assessment and Counselling, HIV testing, and HIV treatment and care services to persons 18 years and older irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation or economic circumstances.

Our services include:

  • HIV screening, testing and diagnosis facilitated by participating private pharmacies and the National Public Health Laboratory,
  • Screening and monitoring tests for eleven other health conditions inclusive of hypertension and Syphilis
  • Treatment monitoring through private clinicians
  • Psychological screening and psychotherapy
  • Access to antiretroviral medication for PLHIV
  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Mpox Risk Assessment

HCJ service can be accessed for little to no cost. In most cases HCJ services are free of cost.

A very simple way is to go to your browser, type and follow the instructions. You will be asked to complete a short COVID19 survey which will help to determine whether you may or may not need to consider being tested for COVID19. Following that, you may book a screening test sexually transmitted infections or book a clinical appointment (to request linkage to a private clinician).

You may also get in touch with HCJ to determine what services you need via:

  • Telephone: 876-669-7349
  • WhatsApp: 876-308-0180
  • Email:
  • Website:

HCJ service can be accessed for little to no cost. In most cases HCJ services are free of cost.

  • Timeliness - clinical appointments are just another visit to your private doctor
  • Privacy – between your doctor and you
  • Affordability – all clients benefit financially paying either nothing for services received or minimal amounts for some services.
  • Convenience – services are accessed based on the clients’ preference
  • Medication – as mentioned before, people accessing care through HCJ receive their antiretroviral medication through the existing GOJ mechanism whereby they do not pay for these medications.

When clients onboard to HCJ, they are assessed through the use of a socio-economic screening tool. Clients are categorized as either reimbursable or non-reimbursable: the reimbursable client accesses all services (clinical, laboratory and psychological) free of cost; the non-reimbursable client benefit from reduced laboratory and psychological fees – lab fees for instance can cost as little as 10% of average costs in the private sector.

No. All clients who access treatment and care through HCJ have access to free case management services once they consent to case management – through case management we guide clients through their treatment experience; adherence to medication, health education, risk prevention and so on. And we also link persons to psychological care through our psychotherapeutic partner.

Quite simple – send an email to, call us on 1-876-669-7349 or WhatsApp us at 876-308-0180 and our administrative officers will guide them through the onboarding process.

Onboarding consists of a few short activities including contract signing; despite this clinicians and laboratories have onboarded in as little as two weeks.

For the private clinicians, HCJ provides many adjunct services including screening, contact tracing, surveillance and case management services. Case management includes the day-to-day monitoring of client appointments to minimize persons missing their appointments or falling off their treatment, provision of health education to clients as well as assisting clients to remain adherent to their medication.

Client Confidentiality

Use Health Connect Jamaica to help you find sexual health services tailored to your unique needs. By using this website, you provide some information that helps tailor your journey to your needs. Health Connect Jamaica maintains the confidentiality and privacy of client information in the following ways:

Responses to risk assessment

The risk assessment can help you receive more relevant service recommendations. Your responses to these questions are not shared with the doctors where you book appointments and your responses will not be used by our staff to identify you personally.

Phone number

To book an appointment, Health Connect Jamaica requires a valid cell phone number to ensure clients receive their appointment confirmation by SMS and to receive free follow-up services from a confidential case manager.

Clinical data

Clients who access services at providers through Health Connect Jamaica have their clinical data confidentially reported on the national HIV treatment database of the Ministry of Health and the HealthConnectJA case management system.

Clinical partners

Health Connect Jamaica refers clients to private providers who follow national guidelines and are regulated by the Ministry of Health.

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