About this site

How to use our site?

This website allows you to book appointments for HIV services with a private doctor in Kingston, Jamaica so you can live a healthy life! Unsure what services are right for you? Start by taking the simple 10-question risk assessment which will recommend services fit to your needs. After booking, save your appointment information and attend your appointment to receive services and follow-up from a doctor. When submitting a request for treatment services, we will contact you by phone to connect you with an available doctor and confirm your appointment date and time.

Our services

HealthConnectJA offers clients the following services:

  • Risk assessment to self-assess your sexual health needs and receive tailored recommendation for HIV services.
  • Book testing appointments for HIV and STI testing from private doctors
  • Request treatment services including STI and HIV treatment from a private doctor
  • Online counseling with a trained counselor

Client confidentiality

Use HealthConnectJA to help you find sexual health services tailored to your unique needs. By using this website, you provide some information that helps tailor your journey to your needs. HealthConnectJA maintains the confidentiality and privacy of client information in the following ways:

  • Responses to risk assessment: The risk assessment can help you receive more relevant service recommendations. Your responses to these questions are not shared with the doctors where you book appointments and your responses will not be used by our staff to identify you personally.
  • Phone number: To book an appointment, HealthConnectJA requires a valid cell phone number to ensure clients receive their appointment confirmation by SMS and to receive free follow-up services from a confidential case manager.
  • Clinical data: Clients who access services at providers through HealthConnectJA have their clinical data confidentially reported on the national HIV treatment database of the Ministry of Health and the HealthConnectJA case management system.
  • Clinical partners: HealthConnectJA refers clients to private providers who follow national guidelines and are regulated by the Ministry of Health.

Our story

Health Connect Jamaica was established in October 2019 under the organizational umbrella of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus; Faculty of Medical Sciences as a Special Project. The funding for the Network is provided by the President’s Emergency Plan for AID Relief (PEPFAR) through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with their implementing partner FHI 360. The activities and processes undertaken by the Network are in accordance with the policies and practices of the HIV/STI/Tb Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica.

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